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Saturday, January 2, 2021

If You're Really “Woke”


African American civil rights and African American “woke” organizations should focus more ending crime and violence in lower income Black neighborhoods.  Yes, racism and discrimination is the root cause of crime and violence among African Americans.  400 years of racism and discrimination has held Black people back from developing the cultural capital and a economic base like European Americans (White people), and other Americans.

The crime in our community is a toxic mix of poverty, ignorance, and self hate.  It will take resources from the United States government to create a practical elementary and high school education system, after school programs, and Saturday school programs that would socially engineer the end of neighborhood crime.


Marc Sims



The love we have for each other is the greatest threat to those who rule over us. If those who rule over us want to stay in power, then they must destroy our ability to love each other in a healthy sort of way.

Amos N. Wilson



42 Million Ways To Be Black

 Henry Louis Gates Jr. 

Clip by Marc Sims. 



Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson defines the four classes of black America



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