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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wandering In A Political Wilderness


The apex of African American political power in Chicago was the election and reelection of Harold Washington.    The Mayor Sawyer vs. Alderman Evans debacle politically rendered the African American community to Humpty Dumpty status.  

Thirty years later we wander in a political wilderness.  African Americans are pretty much done in the city of Chicago.  No messianic leader will lead us to some political promise land.  I'm not saying we should not vote, but we should focus our attention on better educating low income African American children.

Marc Sims


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chicago's Crime and Violence

Crime and violence in Chicago's low income African American neighborhoods will not end until the majority mothers and grandmothers are taught how to properly raise their children.  You may disagree but we African Americans need to end this daily drama of crime and violence.

We could ask the police to come into our homes and arrest our sons, grandsons, and nephews and send them to prison.   We could ask our local government to raise our taxes to fund tutoring and mentoring programs for our boys.   We could also ask charity organizations to go in the homes of young mothers and teach them early childhood development.  There are many things we can do but are not doing.

It all comes down to good parenting.  Many working class and most low income parents have to be taught how to become better parents.  Millions of African Americans became productive citizens because they had good parents, that sent them to good schools, and made sure they were well behave children who got good grades.

The challenge is to marshal the resources and programs that will teach mothers and grandmothers how to raise well behave children who receive good grades in school.

Marc Sims