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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Workplace Environment

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Broadcast Set Design Gallery

Is the Ellen Degresses Show the only toxic workplace environment in the United States?  There are human beings that are sociopaths, or arrogant, or are plain bigots. If the manager or owner of a toxic workplace cares, they would systematically weed these toxic people out.  If a manager or owner is inept or narcissistic the employees will have to take some covert action. Or just blast the toxic workplace environment on social media.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Crime Ending Skills

Mayor Lori Lightfoot can dramatically reduce the crime in Chicago if she helps a few people to transcend their social environment. That means people who live in a socially Toxic environment should be given the support needed to physically move out of their home and neighborhood. Those who don't want to relocate will need the physical and emotional protection of an organization that will help them develop a new identity, and some new skills and habits.

The best long term way so stop the crime is to provide public school students a practical education.  Not the antiquated competition based high stakes testing education.  An education that will give working class students the cognitive skills, trade skills, and any other skills needed to prosper in a world of algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Marc Sims


It takes a truly exceptional person to transcend his or her social environment and that we are shaped (and limited) by our backgrounds and by the thinking of our generation more than we know or are comfortable admitting, even to ourselves.

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