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Monday, June 3, 2019

Difficult Painful Crime Stopping

If a government agency or well meaning nonprofit forcefully imposed middle class vales on the underclass, there would opposition to that type of intervention. Stopping the crime in Chicago without hurting anyone’s feelings is impossible.    

Mayor Lori Lightfoot can dramatically lower the crime rates in Chicago but that process could be uncomfortable for the criminals and their families. The process of establishing new habits and routines can be quite painful.  Relinquishing an old identity and embracing a new identity is difficult. Some people need a lot help delaying gravitation, becoming employable, or moving away from depressing environments.  

Government agencies and well meaning nonprofits have to stop meeting people where they are, and then leaving them where they are.  They need to help criminals and potential criminals to mentally and physically detach themselves from friends, family, and situations that encourage criminal behavior.

Marc Sims

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