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Friday, October 30, 2020

Unacceptable Status Quo


The education systems in the United States perpetuate a caste system. The powers that be and their enablers don’t want public schools that will work well for all students. Graduating from 8th grade and not being able to read, write, and spell very well should be unacceptable. Low income neighborhood crimes and dramas can be practically eliminated when the public schools are redesigned to help struggling students read, write, and spell very well.

Marc Sims

Many kids struggle with reading – and children of color are far less likely to get the help they need. 


Standardized testing are such a bold-faced endeavor to create a class society like Britain's. It's no wonder that kids catch on and get mad. School robs them of hope.

 2min C-SPAN video created by Marc Sims.   



Every industry is going to change this decade. Not a little bit not a few every industry every single industry is going to be reinvented.

"The Future Is Faster Than You Think:" Peter Diamandis + Steven Kotler




Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Walk A High Crime Neighborhood


I have a friend who lives in a prosperous neighborhood in Chicago Illinois. I live in a Chicago neighborhood that is a lot less prosperous. My friend takes regular walks around his neighborhood to get a little exercise.  I told him you wouldn’t take a walk in my neighborhood!  The only people who walk around here are the people who don’t have a car.

You can be robbed or shot on any street in Chicago, but that threat of being harmed is much higher in a high crime neighborhood.  The threat of crime is a great motivator to stay in the house.  


Marc Sims


Chicago Police Districts


View map of the district's crime incidents

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Treatment Tracing White House 

With POTUS, FLOTUS, and their son contracting the COVID-19 virus it would be interesting to know all of their treatments. What exactly were their pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical remedies? Maybe other White House guest and staff can inform Americans how they handled the coronavirus. The White House has not conducted any contact tracing, so we should not expect any treatment tracing.


Marc Sims




Trump pushes FDA to quickly clear coronavirus antibody treatments, erroneously calling them a ‘cure’


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