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Thursday, February 5, 2009

There are far too many successful African Americans for the Hood to be “The Hood”

In February you will see a number of very successful African Americans during Tavis Smiley’s annual State of the Black Union. Each year there are numerous meetings and conventions held by African Americans, but what are they really accomplishing? These meetings are like a feel good Sunday morning church service. They are like a good movie or TV show. They do give great temporary relief but does not cure the root cause of the disease.

What needs to be cured is our subconscious self-hate for each other. This mild mutual distrust is a descendant of slavery. The dissension between the modern day house Negros and field Negros impedes the progress of African Americans as a group.
Unfortunately we are not one like minded monolithic group. During slavery we had one main thing in common, slavery. During segregation we have one main thing in common, segregation. Now what do the rich, middle class, and lower income African Americans have in common?

I hope Mr. Smiley and his friends will find a way to trickle down their knowledge, wisdom and values to the masses of lower income African Americans.

Marc Sims


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