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Friday, March 26, 2010

African American Egos

African Americans have enough money to end most of our urban drama.
We have not yet made a commitment to leave our egos at the door and work together.

Up you mighty race! You can accomplish what you will.
Marcus Garvey

Marc Sims

Target Market News

Black Stats
Frequently requested data on African American consumers

Black Buying Power:
$803 Billion (2008)

Black U.S. Population:
41.1 million

Top Five Black Cities
- New York
- Chicago
- Detroit
- Philadelphia
- Houston

Top Five Black Metros:
- New York-New Jersey
- Washington-Baltimore
- Chicago-Gary
- Los Angeles
- Philadelphia

Top Five Expenditures:
- Housing $166.3 bil.
- Food $65.3 bil.
- Cars/Trucks $31.5 bil.
- Clothing $26.9 bil.
- Health Care $23.9 bil.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

To: President Barack Obama

To: President Barack Obama

Can you use your influence to persuade music radio stations to air public service announcements every hour?

The public service announcements should persuade African Americans;

Not to have any children until they are at least 25 years old

Stop having so many abortions

Encourage our children and grand children to their best in school

I could go on!

Thank You.

Marc Sims

Monday, March 1, 2010

African Americas are known for being criminals on the TV news.

African Americas are known for being great athletes, entertainers, and criminals on the TV news.

Prominent African American leaders recently visited President Barack Obama to demand an economic agenda that is targeted to help African Americans. The great recession has been a greater burden for African Americans. The unemployment rate for African Americans is twice as high as it is for European Americans.

An obsolete public education model and a lack of “family values “are just two reasons for the high underemployment rate for African Americans. However, what is not discussed in the major media is our distrust of each other.

We will patronize African American owned beauty salons, barber shops, barbeque restaurants, and churches. Now when it is time to repair our cars and homes we are hesitant to hire a “Brother”. There are just not enough highly skilled and professional African American men that work with their hands.

Lower income African Americans are in desperate need of leadership. Leadership that will demand that African Americans stop having so many children out of wedlock. Leadership that will demand that low income African Americans value education, frugality and chastity. Leadership that will demand the public schools train some of our young men for jobs that don’t require four years of college.

An economic agenda that is targeted to help African Americans is necessary, but African American leaders should also focus on teaching young women how not to raise criminals. Every day we should be embarrassed that there are so many unemployable African American young men. We should be embarrassed that there are so many destabilize African American families and neighborhoods.

Marc Sims