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Monday, March 4, 2019

That Gay Freight Train Ran Over My Butt Years Ago!

When I was in Grammar school in the 1970’s, I remember hearing the term sissy.  A boy acting like a girl would be called a sissy.  Or someone like the character Uncle Arthur on the old TV show Bewitched would be called a sissy.  In grammar school I also remembering hearing the term bulldagget.  That’s the way I remember hearing the pronunciation of that pejorative slang .

When the gay marriage movement was picking up steam in the 2000’s I thought the gay agenda had gone too far.  Then gay equality movement got stronger and stronger.  Then metaphorically, the LGBTQ freight train ran over my butt.

The City of Chicago may elect an openly gay mayor in April 2019.  I may be very ignorant and unconsciously homophobic, but I'm seriously considering voting for Lori Lightfoot for mayor.

Marc Sims

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The term (Bulldagger )has roots in African-American communities of the early twentieth century, especially with 1920s Harlem where sexual and gender mores were more flexible.