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Monday, November 17, 2014

Changing The Image of Black Men

Changing The Image of Black Men

The Ferguson Missouri situation is a great opportunity for African Americans to begin changing the image of Black men and boys. Currently there are too many Black men, Black male teens, and black boys who underachieve in school, and in life. The high school dropout rate, unemployment rate, and the incarceration rate, all bear whiteness to this underachievement.   The root cause of too many African American underachieving is racism, racial discrimination, and generational ignorance.    

Racism and bigotry toward to Black men and boys is not going away anything soon. However, a concerted effort, and a marshalling of resources that will ensure all low income African American boys are successful in school should be transformational. In a perfect world Black men, teens, and boys could wear any type of clothing they want, and look anyway they want to look.   That world ain't the Unite States of America.  In spite a America's racism and bigotry we African Americans need to raised all of our Black Boys to be successful in school, and in life.  The real or perceived image of lower income, less educated Black men has to change.

It is easy to rail against racist police but our focus should be on raising Black men and developing a politically and economically sound African American community that any racist instruction would fear.  

Marc Sims

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Being Loved & Respected

Black people would rather be loved and respected than to improve our low income neighborhoods.

African Americans do not always think alike, or act alike, but the majority of us put too much emphasis on being respected buy other Americans.  I'm not saying we should not have a massive protest after the police have killed a Black person.  Ferguson Missouri type protest are warranted but eventually our focus should be on dramatically reducing the crime in our low income neighborhoods.

Why should the police or other Americans respect a people that won't stop the crime in their own neighborhoods? Why should other Americans respect race of people that allow 50% of their boys to drop out of high school?  Why should other Americans respect race of people that allow too many of their men to remain unemployable?

If Black people want respect, we need to love and respect ourselves and our neighborhoods.  

Marc Sims

Post Script
The grave of Dred Scott is in Ferguson Missouri.  He was also disrespected. 
Ferguson Protests Erupt Near Grave of Ex-Slave Dred Scott, Whose Case Helped Fuel U.S. Civil War