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Monday, September 13, 2010

Take delinquent children out of “the hood”

Hopefully Chicago’s new mayor will be a good politician as well as an excellent sociologist.

Anyone who dares visit parts of the south and west side at night understands the problem. Chicago has too many fractured families and destabilized neighborhoods. The solutions to stabilize these neighborhoods are obvious, but Chicago needs a new bold mayor that will end our embarrassing street crimes.

Some neighborhoods criminals are born and others are made, but all attended the Chicago Public Schools. These children must identified buy the CPS before they become teenagers, and then sent off to a down state boarding school. The mothers or grandmothers of these children must be persuade, or forced to send their delinquent children away.

Hopefully Chicago’s new mayor will take delinquent children out of “the hood”, so “the hood” can become a stable high quality neighborhood.

Marc Sims