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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Forget About Mayor Rahm Emanuel!

Forget about Mayor Rahm Emanuel!

I think the African American (Black) protesters are angry at Mayor Rahm Emanuel because he is not likeable, and they personally feel disrespected.  Rahm Emanuel seems to be a cold and calculating corporatist that does not care about most of the African Americans in Chicago. Rahm Emanuel is a multimillionaire, and he will make more millions when is out of office. 

Most of Chicago's African American (Black) neighborhoods are not safe places  to live.   That are littered with male teenagers and older men African American (Black) you commit neighborhood crimes.

We all know the root causes of this crime; racism, discrimination,  deindustrialization,  poorly funded public schools, and African American (Black) self hate.

Rahm Emanuel will only be mayor for a few years. He will be a former mayor and Chicago's African American (Black) neighborhoods will still be in the lurch.

The protesters and concerned citizens should place focus on ensuring that all African American (Black) boys can at least read and write at grade level!  

Stop the crime!  Make Chicago's African American (Black) neighborhoods not safe places to raise a family.  

Marc Sims

Sunday, December 13, 2015

African-Americans Left Behind

Here is the problem.

Millions of African-Americans took advantage of the opportunities created by the civil rights movement to climb into the middle class — and in some cases far beyond, as exemplified by President Obama.

Yet millions of other black Americans did not reach the middle class. This group, mired in poverty and dysfunction, finds the paths others took are blocked. They live in neighborhoods with failing schools that cannot prepare them for today’s economy. Secure, high-paying blue-collar jobs are a thing of the past.

Increasingly, these African-Americans who were left behind are invisible. Their neighborhoods either get gentrified — which means they can no longer afford to stay there — or simply bypassed by development. What happens in poor black neighborhoods has less and less to do with the everyday lives of middle-class Americans, white or black.

Eugene Robinson: The ones left behind

What are the solutions?

Literacy! Academic Tutoring!  Cultural Mentoring!   Also billions of dollars and other resources that will end the poverty, dysfunction, and crime in lower income African American (Black) neighborhoods?

Marc Sims


Friday, December 11, 2015

Chicago Is Ready Reform

Now that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in a serious crisis this is the best time to demand some real reform in Chicago.

Prepare your list of demands and send them to Chicago politicians and the news media.

Here is a few of my demands.

Term limits:  2 consecutive four year terms, then a city officer holder can run for that same job after 8 years.

An elected Chicago Public School board.

Ensure all Chicago Public School students can at least read and write at grade level.   

Restructure the CPS high school curriculum for students who want to learn how to be a carpenter,   plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, auto technician or write computer code.
 New city polices that weed out all disrespectful, abusive, and psychopathic  police officers.

A new FOP contract that weeds out all disrespectful, abusive, and psychopathic  police officers.

Marc Sims

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
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