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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Education Is Personal




Education is such a personal subject very few people like to talk about it.  Especially in the African American community in Chicago. If someone has children or grandchildren in a school their focus is on their children. If a person does not have children in the public schools their focus is naturally not on public education. The crime and murders have been out of control in parts of Chicago for over 50 years. One way to fix that problem is improving the public schools for low income students.

Marc Sims


Raising Graduation Rates       

Marc Sims talks with Dr. Marck Abraham about raising the graduation rates of young men.



Better Reading Instruction    

Marc Sims talks with Sonya Thomas Executive Director of Nashville PROPEL about improving reading instruction.  



Elite Schools Public Schools Standardized Testing

What do test scores have to do with good teaching?

William C. Ayers Distinguished Professor (Former) University of Illinois at Chicago-College of Education

Clip by Marc Sims.





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