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Friday, January 15, 2021

Targeted UBI



The billionaires are doing ok. The millionaires are doing ok. Working class and impoverished Americans are in the lurch. 

The United States needs a targeted universal basic income for people who really need financial support.  Many basic jobs don’t pay a living wage and many Americans will never earn enough money from a low wage job. Supplementing worker incomes when they need extra money stabilizes families and neighborhoods.

Marc Sims 


Every industry is going to change this decade. Not a little bit not a few every industry every single industry is going to be reinvented.

"The Future Is Faster Than You Think:" Peter Diamandis + Steven Kotler



College students increasingly caught in remedial education trap

The problem of students not being ready for college is as old as American higher education.



The dirty little secret about education writ large; relative performance though out life tends to be remarkably static.

A 3rd grade reading level is a strong predictor of college completion.

Clip by Marc Sims.


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