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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do Some Low Income Parents Want Their Children To Fail In School?

I think some parents subconsciously do want their children to become successful and leave them in a low income neighborhood.

I wish I can prove some parents would be intimated if their children were academically superior.

I wish I can prove some parents are more focused on their life and their children's schooling is not a top priority.

I wish I could provide empirical data that show some low income parents subconsciously do not want their children to succeed in school.

I only have theories, so I ask the Consortium on Chicago School Research to conduct a study.

Marc Sims


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  1. Got to love Bush and the Federal Reserve Bank among others. Fraud of 15 trillion dollars so far and I bet it gets worse. Seems these guys should be in prison never to see the light of day again.