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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Human Capital For Schools

Chicago Teachers Union is asking for $713 million to improve the Chicago Public Schools. Karen Lewis and the Chicago Teachers Union have the right idea, but the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago are in a perpetual recession. This means the Chicago Public Schools will not receive $713 million dollars for improvements.

The money ain't coming so the CPS and the CTU need to create a movement. The CPS and the CTU could ask retired educators, community organizers, mental health professionals, advertising agencies, and business leaders for $713 million in human capital.

The goal should be to teach Chicago Public School parents the best practices of good parenting. Visit any low income public school and you will see that the better students tend to come from stable families where education is valued. There are secret sauces that will create stable families, neighborhoods, and schools where education is valued. The goal is to improve the home life of poorly performing students, thus improve the Chicago Public Schools.

Marc Sims

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