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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Establishment/Progressive Politicians

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Are African Americans (Blacks) unsophisticated or too tribal to see that City of Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers might have been the best candidate for mayor of Chicago?  Or the time was not right for Kurt Summers to run for mayor?

Susana Mendoza who is currently the Comptroller of Illinois could be Chicago’s next mayor. If Susana Mendoza becomes a candidate for mayor of Chicago she will be hard to defeat.  She is what I call a progressive/establishment politician. You may call Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle an establishment/progressive politician. My point is the next mayor of Chicago will most likely be an establishment politician.

In the real world of high stakes electoral politics, underfunded candidates tend not to win.  They need an infectious movement and large amounts of money to be victorious.  Convincing citizens that normally don’t vote to cast a ballot is daunting.

I hope Kurt Summers will mentor younger African Americans leaders who will work inside and outside of Chicago’s establishment institutions.

Marc Sims

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The Mayor Sawyer vs. Alderman Evans debacle politically rendered the African American community to Humpty Dumpty status. 

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