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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rahm Emanuel vs.Karen Lewis


Rahm Emanuel vs. Karen Lewis is not our fight!   The Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is fighting for the interests of her teachers, not the interests of Chicago residents.   Mayor Rahm Emanuel's job is to improve Chicago.  If that means pushing out low income African Americans out side of Chicago, thus lowering Chicago's crime problem that's good for Chicago residents.  If Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to weaken the Chicago Teachers Union, now that is the Mayor's fight, and should not be the focus of Chicago residents.

Community leaders, political leaders, and concerned citizens of Chicago should focus on helping low income African American parents raise well behaved children who read at grade level.

Marc Sims



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  2. Karen Lewis is more interested in fighting with Rahm Emmanuel than than she is delivering for her teachers. Rahm has won on every single issue, taking all the collective bargaining rights way from the Chicago Teachers Union. The union leadership under CORE and Karen Lewis has been reduced to marching and demonstrating to get back rights Lewis lost by accidentally signing Senate Bill 7 and negotiating the worst contract for teachers the union has ever. Rahm Emmanuel has won on every significant issue. While Lewis takes her Stuff to the streets and the media. Rahm is laughing all the way to the bank. He has literally destroyed the Chicago Teachers Union making it void of anything except a noise maker and a political nuisance. After Lewis allowed Senate Bill 7 ( a bill aimed at only the distraction of District 299, Chicago Teachers) .to become law, by the way with her signature stamped on it. Approving this State bill that gutted the union of almost every protection it had,. then she signed off on the worst contract teachers have seen.

    With thousands of her teachers , mainly African American losing their jobs. The African American community tries to rally around Lewis who has lost almost every protection that teachers once had. Just to name a few;
    The reassignment pool that was once 10 months for laid off tenured teachers is now 5 months with the Lewis contract. Teachers work 20% more with no extra pay. because of the longer school day. Rahm won that. SENIORITY in economic layoff was lost. Charlotte Daniel son Evaluation system making it much easier to discriminate and fire veteran teachers. Just to name a few things that Lewis and CORE negotiated that works against the best interest of their members.