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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When will African Americans stop the crime in our neighborhoods?

It seems impossible and it feels overwhelming.   The crime, the hopelessness, the lack of belief.   The sense that I can't as an individual, and we can't as a people.  Maybe we should call the police and have them lock up our sons, grandsons, and nephews.   Or maybe the Chicago Public Schools should teach lower income African Americans how to raise their children.  Ending the crime in Chicago is about rising children properly.  It is about using wholesome values to overcome the effects of American poverty.

Who will teach the children of the African American working class and under class  wholesome  values?   This responsibility falls on the public schools.  It will not start in the home for the home, meaning the parents, cannot teach what they do not know.   The public schools will have to teach parents and current students, the future parents, how to raise mannerable children who read at grade level.

African American politicians and preachers have failed, and they should support the Chicago Public Schools teaching parents  how to parent, and helping parents ensure that every grammar school student reads at grade level.

Marc Sims


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