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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Unconventional Activist

I’m having trouble letting go my passion to be an activist.

I think it was something I was born with. It is a strong desire to provide a contrarian opinion. It is a strong desire to broadcast unconventional truths.

Presenting alternative information to brainwashed zombies is an extremely daunting task.

The human mind cannot distinguish between a real or imagine event. What is real or not real is irrelevant in the mind of culturally conditioned true believer. Human beings are condition to consistently think and act like an obedient peasant.

I will find new ways to make my controversial opinions palatable for the conventional thinking zombies.

Marc Sims

Marc Sims is the host of VIEWPOINT, a cable TV show that provides a forum for ordinary citizens to discuss political and social issues. Marc has entertained and enlighten Chicagoans since 1991.


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