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Monday, April 6, 2009

Improve The Parents

The best way to improve public education in cities like Chicago is to improve the parents.

Now that is a touchy subject!

Most parents may feel offended if the public schools provided information on the best practices of excellent parents.

The public schools in cities like Chicago will have to be delicate and skillful with their tactics.

Parents have to be constantly reminded that a high school education will not prepare their teenager for a highly technical global economy.

Marc Sims

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  1. The best way, the only way, to improve public education is to end public schooling. There is a fortune being squandered; in money, but worse, in young lives. Like a carney game, it first appears as if we can deal with it, but it is designed to look that way. HOW LONG DOES THIS HAVE TO GO ON?
    407,000 captives, over six bilion spent on excrement. Look around you, private schools do not spend 15k per student, 450k a classroom. Let those people go, let them all go to all vouchers all the time, Let human ingenuity take over; have some faith that people will do the right thing when their thinking is not done for them.

    You will not improve the parents. That is not a touchy subject, that is an impossibility. But you can improve opportunities for children, who will become parents.