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Friday, February 5, 2021

Alter Capitalism

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot would like to rebuild trust between the City of Chicago and its people. Mayor Lightfoot has also vowed to end poverty in Chicago in one generation.  I support Mayor Lightfoot 's efforts, but to achieve her goal she will alter capitalism and philanthropy as we know it.


People want good paying jobs, great schools, and safe neighborhoods. In the United States low income residents are faced with few options.  Working class residents will need to be efficiently subsidized and their children provided a more practical education that will train them for good jobs the robots can't do.


Marc Sims 


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on rebuilding trust between the city and its people

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has vowed to end poverty in her major city. Not quell, not curb, but end poverty.



Unless there are government intervention, philanthropic, intervention, behavioral intervention, nothing is going to change.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Clip by Marc Sims


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