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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Raise The Political Intellect Of The Masses

Millions of the citizens in the USA are just regular people.  We are miseducated, ill-informed, misinformed, not well read, and not well traveled.   The 2016 presidential election was another point of proof. 

Millions of American citizens don’t vote in every election, and those that do vote are usually provided status quo choices.   America’s supper rich and the elite play a political game that keeps the middle class, working class, and the poor in their place.

We “lower class” Americans would be wise to support any politician who advocates for;
  •          Universal Medicare and Medicaid for all Americans that want it.
  •         A high quality preschool, primary and secondary education for every American child and teen.
  •        Free or very low cost college education, or any other post secondary education or training programs.
  •        A guaranteed basic income for every unemployed or underemployed citizen of the United States of America.

These goals could be advanced by raising the political intellect of the masses of Americans.  Average American can be informed and inspired by organized high tech and low tech town halls, social media posts, internet videos, radio shows, and television programs.  

Meet people were they are, but don’t leave them where they are, raise their political intellect.

Marc Sims

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