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Thursday, July 23, 2015

If We Don't The Crime Will Continue!

I would guess almost 100% of Chicago's criminals attended a Chicago Public School.  When these young men were in school teachers could accurately guess which students would become criminals.   If Chicago residents want to stop the crime they have to demand that every elementary school student can at least read and write at grade level. 
Chicago residents have to demand that all CPS students can at least read and write at grade level!     If we don't the crime will continue.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel
City Hall
121 N La Salle
Chicago, IL 60602

Marc Sims

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  1. Yes, the public school teachers aren't great but the parents have to make sure their child is learning. If your child is in high school and he/she is reading at a fourth grade level, you're a bad parent for not knowing and caring enough about your child's education. Most public school teachers suck and i believe we all agree on that. So with that knowledge, the parents should be the supervisors of their children's lives. The parents need find out what's their child strengths and weaknesses, then take them out of that school if he/she believes their child isn't learning there. But most parents don't do that. Most parents are just proud that their child wasn't left behind.