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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Oppression of The Masses

African Americans (aka Black People Once know as Negros and Colored People) are too focused on being oppressed by "racists" institutions.  I'm not saying there is no oppression by various public and private institutions.  What I am saying is we are too focused on someone or some institution that is oppressing and disrespecting African Americans. 

Our "leaders", celebrities, and media producers and personalities should have us more focused on the subjects of health, family, education, business, and creating generational wealth.  African American preachers, politicians and especially radio host should be redirecting our mind set so we resolved the challenges we face as a people.  The masses of African Americans, especially low income and working class African Americans need our "leaders" to lead us way from a constant crisis and grievance mode.

Maybe the African American leaders, celebrities, media producers, preachers, politicians, and radio personalities are unknowingly or knowingly a part of the oppression of African Americans.

Marc Sims

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