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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Distrust And Subconscious Self Hatred

African American distrust and subconscious self hatred prevents us from pooling our resources to own more small businesses in our neighborhoods.    You know our neighborhoods, the Arabs, East Indians, and Asians own a lot of the small businesses in the African American community.

We African Americans (aka Black People) can pool our money to build a church, but very little else.   African American poverty and unemployment would not be much of an issue if we use our trillion dollar spending power to create jobs in our community. We African Americans  just do not have racial pride and cultural capital that would force us to work together harmoniously. 

Like most Americans,  the minds African Americans are controlled by the American media, popular culture, and America's education systems.    There has to be at least a million enlighten, critically thinking African Americans that could counter act these forces.   Another generation of African Americans (aka Black People) are slowly being brain washed.   Time is of the essence! The enlighten, critically thinking African Americans, where are you?

Marc Sims

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