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Monday, November 4, 2013

Almost A Hopeless Situation

Many years ago a Chicago Public School counselor told me I was trying to impose my middle class values on the underclass.    He was absolute right.    I have live in the city of Chicago my entire life and we African Americans are basically null and void in Chicago.
It's almost a hopeless situation that will not improve until a group of African American "leaders"  create a cultural movement that will inspire more working class and low income African Americans to value education.  

Marc  Sims

·         A 1998 study by Thomas J. Gorman published in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography found that some working-class parents, particularly the working poor, have a deep-seated disrespect for careers that require an advanced degree. Many working-class families do not see the value of higher education because they do not equate educational advancement with a higher standard of life. Other families are hesitant to encourage their children to pursue college degrees because they fear that the children will abandon their families and their roots if they move upward on the social scale.

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