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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reading At Grade Level Must Be Paramount!

To Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

Mr. Mayor: 

You already know most Chicago Public Schools and Charter Schools in the African American community are up against a culture where education is not a top priority. So I will not waste your time bemoaning about the problem.

Here are a few suggestions to improve the Chicago Public Schools, thus improving Chicago.

·        Persuade TV and radio stations to air pro-education public service announcements every hour.
·        Developed a parenting seminar for all students CPS high school students.
·        Present different models of academic success to parents and students.
·        Set a goal and expectation that every student reads at grade level.

The public service announcements should inspire more parents, students, and concerned citizens to create a culture that values education.

The purpose of the parenting seminar is to persuade students to value education, and delay having children until they at least complete their post secondary education.

There are best practices of the top students and their parents.  Presenting different models of academic success to parents and students may inspire them to raise their academic expectations.

Every CPS student reading at grade level must be paramount!  Every student not reading at grade level should be tutored, inspired, and then awarded for reading accomplishments.  Also have all CPS students write their own short series, articles, and E-Book.   These writing assignments should not be judged or criticized!

Improving public education for low income African American students, and other CPS students is extremely complicated.   Mr. Mayor, I wish you success.

Marc Sims

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