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Monday, March 19, 2012

Boarding Schools Instead Of Prisons

I truly believe low income public schools will dramatically improve if a few wayward boys are sent off to a boarding school. I believe crime in low income neighborhoods will dramatically decline if a few wayward boys are sent off boarding schools.

Do you think boarding schools can turn wayward boys into men of great substance?

Do you think boarding schools for boys will be more cost effective than prisons for men?

Marc Sims


  1. Boarding schools have the advantages in terms of focusing on every client’s needs. Their classroom settings are mostly designed to encourage student participation. They also provide appropriate counseling seriously. That way, defiant youths can be managed with efficiency that leads to improvement in a timely manner.

    Carolin Newmeyer

  2. Boarding school should not be compare to a prison and they are not connected. Realistically I believe that prisons should be so horrible and the punishments be so extreme that before someone decides to commit a crime, or break the law. source: blogs for boarding schools.