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Friday, August 12, 2011

Chicago State University's Bourgeoisie Leadership

Chicago State University is an institution that is run by the African American petty bourgeoisie. I don't think these people partner with the Chicago Public Schools and community residents to improve CSU.

Like most of the African American petty bourgeoisie, it's about the big I and little you.

Marc Sims

Chicago State University a financial mess
More than 40 problems reported, including failure to send bills to students



  1. While the report is pretty brutal. We cannot write off CSU. Most of the deficiencies happened under the previous administration. Yes they need to rid themselves of the previous administrations leftovers. I'm encouraged that they are starting to make some positive changes and we have to be part of the change. They are revamping the programs by dropping old and dated degree programs and replacing with degree programs that are in demand. Recently, US News & World Report named CSU a great value for post secondary education. This is not a distinction they just arbitrarily pass out.

    As far as their community involvement I disagree with you. First, they have been the University that accepts CPS students. Also, WE let the administration create an unwelcoming environment and have to change it.

    Under the Watson administration there has been change, they have brought CTA back on campus, they have a rep going out in the community, worked with alderman to start the Aquaponics program, plans to start a community garden, opening up the university to the public with movie and jazz nights and hosting community events. Yes, they can improve but this is a good start.

    Lastly, we have to ensure we get our kids connected. In 5 years African Americans will still be the majority of the student body but not by very much and in 10 years we will not be the majority so lets not be outsiders in our neighborhood.

  2. The previous Alderman sort of answered the question about CTA service directly to CSU campus. To be honest I still don't understand why the previous administration at CSU ended it. If CSU was so "bougie", why is there a perception that it's a school of last resort?

  3. Let's be clear regarding the financial mess at CSU. The latest audit findings more than TRIPLED the previous administration's--from 13 to 43. CSU had as many audit findings as the University of Illinois, which is EIGHT times larger with multiple campuses and even an airport. Reinstating a bus stop pales by comparison.