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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Public Intellectuals

The Frederick News-Post Photo

I spoke to Lester Spence over the phone this morning.

I asked Dr. Spence; How can "we" use the brilliance of public intellectuals like yourself to solve to challenges of lower income African American neighborhoods?

I did not record the phone call and I do not want to misquote Dr. Spence. So I will just say "we" need to bring the brilliance of public intellectuals to the neighborhood.

Marc Sims

Lester Spence is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Africana Studies at Johns Hopkins University.


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  1. meant to thank you for the phone call, and for the shoutout. i don't want to misquote MYSELF...but what we have to do is two things: one is provide an alternative media source to let people know what the deal is--you're doing this. the second thing is we've got to really acknowledge the power that is already occurring in the communities we live in now. we've already got brilliance in our neighborhoods. we've just got to do a lot of work in bringing that brilliance to bear on the problems we face. great work.