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Friday, March 26, 2010

African American Egos

African Americans have enough money to end most of our urban drama.
We have not yet made a commitment to leave our egos at the door and work together.

Up you mighty race! You can accomplish what you will.
Marcus Garvey

Marc Sims

Target Market News

Black Stats
Frequently requested data on African American consumers

Black Buying Power:
$803 Billion (2008)

Black U.S. Population:
41.1 million

Top Five Black Cities
- New York
- Chicago
- Detroit
- Philadelphia
- Houston

Top Five Black Metros:
- New York-New Jersey
- Washington-Baltimore
- Chicago-Gary
- Los Angeles
- Philadelphia

Top Five Expenditures:
- Housing $166.3 bil.
- Food $65.3 bil.
- Cars/Trucks $31.5 bil.
- Clothing $26.9 bil.
- Health Care $23.9 bil.


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