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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stop Having Children!

A mass movement for reproduction quality control is desperately needed!

Every African American organization should implement a plan that will encourage our young people not to have any children until they are at least 25 or 30 years old.

The politicians, preachers, potentates and all African American adults need to insist that our children and grandchildren have a clear plan for raising their children.

Marc Sims

Well, how do we come out of the inferiorized state? We have to devise those means of behavior that are going to allow for the maximal development of the Black genetically constituted potential. That begins with how we relate to the behavior of sex. If we want to produce strong Black males and females, then we have to realize that White supremacy is not going to set up the conditions where that will happen because they are in fear of strong Black, Brown, Red and Yellow people. They] set up a dynamic where you end up with large numbers of teenagers and children reproducing, single parents reproducing and not being able to guide the development of male children to functional adult male status. Black people [should] have quality control of Black reproduction. Well, how do we go about it? You have to have mature parents. You have to have parents who are married. If I could wave the magic wand, Black people wouldn’t have sex until they got married and they wouldn’t get married until they were 30. In the meantime, they would be going to school."

Dr. Cress Welsing

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  1. Should I laugh at this post..? It seems nearly hilarious. You can not enforce population control although I once did think as you do. Once you start giving up your freedom then what next..? True freedom is a catch 22.

    Before I realized that some women will not be healthy enough to have children in their 30's I thought as you do.

    I am 29 years old and I don't have children because when I was 16 I decided that if I never got married I'd never have children.

    And this is the shocker my parents didn't get married. My father was from the south and strongly believed in having very large families 10-15 children and my mother is one of 15.

    Now let me go on to say I was the one to tell my mother I wanted birth control when I became sexually active.

    If you want people to stop having babies you have to show them how having a lot of children can affect the quality of their life.

    It's just that simple. We are not animals we are intelligent and civilized human beings capable of understanding. If you show people how their choses affect their lives they will chose differently.

    Having sex, being sexually active is not the problem. The problem is not being responsible while being sexually active.

    We can not force people to wait until the middle of their life to have sex that is absurd. Sex is just like any thing else you have to practice to get it right.

    I'm not talking about just the act itself. I'm talking about learning how to deal with the emotions that come along with being sexually active. If you never have sex until your 30 you won't know how to handle those emotions.