Monday, December 26, 2016

If You Want Me To Stay (In Chicago)

Chicago’s, Cook County’s, and Illinois’ African American (Black) population will continue to decline.  Some of us will move out, and some of us will spend the rest of our lives here.  As our numbers shrink, we need to focus on making our smaller community more viable.

The biggest challenge for Chicago's African American (Black) community is overcoming our self-hatred and distrust.

Marc Sims

Chicago-area black population drops 

Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay (Audio)

Friday, December 9, 2016

Crime and Chicago’s Intelligentsia

There are too many smart people in Chicago to have all this crime!   Do tourists have to be killed on Michigan Avenue before Chicago’s intelligentsia put a stop the crime?

On the southside of Chicago there is the University of Chicago, one of the best Universities in the USA. That institution alone has enough smart people to develop plans to stop the crime in Chicago.  The city’s political, business, and social elite should be smart enough to develop and resource plans to stop the crime in Chicago. There are lot of charities
in Chicago that support children, teens, and families in lower income neighborhoods. These charities are doing their best, but is there is very little change. The crime continues, the murders continue, the hopeless grows.

Visit any low income public school or neighborhood, the teachers and the police can tell you and Chicago’s intelligentsia were to target resources that could dramatically reduce the crime and murders in one year. The teachers and everyone else in those schools know the students who have academic challenges, truancy issues, and social emotional problems that impede their mental growth.
The police know the neighborhood criminals and their families that destabilized low income neighborhoods in Chicago. The police can’t go in an unlawfully arrest every known or potential criminal. These neighborhood criminals and their families should be sophisticatedly encouraged to move out of Chicago.    

Are Chicago’s political, business, academic, and social elite waiting for tourist and conventioneers to be murdered downtown before they stop the disgusting and embarrassing crime in Chicago?

Marc Sims