Thursday, July 23, 2015

If We Don't The Crime Will Continue!

I would guess almost 100% of Chicago's criminals attended a Chicago Public School.  When these young men were in school teachers could accurately guess which students would become criminals.   If Chicago residents want to stop the crime they have to demand that every elementary school student can at least read and write at grade level. 
Chicago residents have to demand that all CPS students can at least read and write at grade level!     If we don't the crime will continue.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel
City Hall
121 N La Salle
Chicago, IL 60602

Marc Sims

Monday, June 22, 2015

If You Care About Education

Watch this video if you care about the education of low income students!

Dr. Roland Fryer addresses the significance of inequality and discrimination in the 21st Century with an emphasis on educational inequality.

Please share this video with your family and friends!

Marc Sims


Along with co-author Will Dobbie, Fryer collected “unparalleled data” on 35 elementary and middle charter schools in New York City by conducting extensive interviews and videotaping classrooms.
Their results are fairly counter-intuitive. They showed that traditional solutions like class size, per-pupil expenditure, and the number of teachers with advanced degrees are not correlated with effectiveness, and in fact, “resource-based solutions” actually lowered school effectiveness.
Instead, they found five qualities that made up about 50 percent of a charter school’s effectiveness.  These are:
1. Frequent teacher feedback
2. Data driven instruction
3. High-dosage tutoring
4. Increased instructional time
5. Relentless focus on academic achievement.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Oppression of The Masses

African Americans (aka Black People Once know as Negros and Colored People) are too focused on being oppressed by "racists" institutions.  I'm not saying there is no oppression by various public and private institutions.  What I am saying is we are too focused on someone or some institution that is oppressing and disrespecting African Americans. 

Our "leaders", celebrities, and media producers and personalities should have us more focused on the subjects of health, family, education, business, and creating generational wealth.  African American preachers, politicians and especially radio host should be redirecting our mind set so we resolved the challenges we face as a people.  The masses of African Americans, especially low income and working class African Americans need our "leaders" to lead us way from a constant crisis and grievance mode.

Maybe the African American leaders, celebrities, media producers, preachers, politicians, and radio personalities are unknowingly or knowingly a part of the oppression of African Americans.

Marc Sims

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Mass Education Movement

We African Americans (aka Black People) need to have a very serious discussion about our future in the city of Chicago.

We are a declining and ageing population that are devoid of innovated visionary leadership.  The crime that is committed by Black men and other manifestations of ghettoeness makes our neighborhoods very undesirable.

I feel a mass education movement is our only hope.  We must developed ways to ensure all African American elementary school students can at least read and write at grade level.    If we don't implement a mass education movement in Chicago the implosion of our neighborhoods will accelerate.

Marc Sims

"Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will."

Marcus Garvey